Dynapore®: For Severe Industrial Liquid Filtration

DynaporeŽ filter media are especially suited for liquid-solid separation applications in hostile environments including high (or low) temperatures, corrosive, high viscosity, toxic or radioactive fluids, and high differential pressures. However, any pressure-operated liquid-solid separation application requiring frequent element change and/or costly disposal is a potential candidate for replacement with Dynapore.

  • Refinery – Coker Gas Oil – Amine – Asphaltine Removal – Catalyst Removal/Recovery
  • Beverage – Soft Drinks – Brewery DE Traps
  • Cryogenic Fluids – Liquified Gases
  • Liquid Metals
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • RO Prefilters
  • Filter/Demineralizers
  • Process Steam
  • Liquid Ammonia
  • Nuclear – Process Water
  • Caustic Soda

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